Craig Saddlemire is an independent videomaker and MFA student at the Vermont College of Fine Arts ('14). He holds a BA in Psychology and has been producing experimental and activist documentaries since the founding of his production company, Round Point Movies, in 2004. Throughout his career, Saddlemire has explored the potential of motion picture to be a participatory medium at all levels of the process, as well as effectively upset oppressive cultural myths and misrepresentations in popular media. From developing a concept to recording and even exhibiting a video, he is constantly exploring how the subject of a movie can be empowered as an agent of knowledge, rather than the object of the director's gaze. Combining observational and interactive modes of production, Saddlemire produces documentaries that - in the tradition of Jean Rouch - are not merely recording reality, but in fact are producing new forms of reality that would not exist absent the camera. Select works include Household (2013), Kids of the World (2011), Neighbor by Neighbor (2009), Get Off The Truck (2005), and De-Interlaced (2005).